A person’s smile and their oral hygiene is probably one of the first things folks notice about you. That alone is reason enough to make sure you use and maintain proper oral health and hygiene. Overall, there are many ways general dentistry can help you achieve this. Some are as a simple as a having your teeth cleaned. Others are a bit more complicated such as having a tooth pulled, fillings and crowns placed. No matter what type of general dentistry work you need done, the most important thing is finding a dentist near you. Not just any dental practitioner, but a superior one.

Folks who live in San Francisco, California, are constantly faced with this dilemma. Since the city is so big, there are thousands of tooth doctors to choose from. However, some dentists are far better than others and a few stand out above the rest. You also have facilities where the periodontists exceed expectations. Which brings up the question of where can you find the best dentists in San Francisco, California? How exactly do you go about finding out which ones to trust with your oral health and care?

One of the best sources for obtaining a great dentist near you is Yelp. The popular local search site is awesome for getting info about almost anything you are looking for. That includes top dentistry experts in San Francisco. For instance, using phrases such as “finding the best 10 general dentistry in San Jose, California” works very well. It will generally bring up dozens of results about top tooth doctors close to where you are located. Under each dentistry, there are stars to show their ratings. You also have the number of reviews the dental practitioners have received while in business.

Still, that is not the only option for finding out about the best San Diego dentists near you. In addition to Yelp, there are several other similar websites catering to helping people find superior dentists. Google or other search engines can also be a powerful tool. They will instantly show you several results the moment you type certain keywords. Of course you have to be on the lookout for ads they mix in along with the real results. Other people rely on social media, blogs or crowd-source forums to help them find expert dentists.

Asking your friends, co-workers and family members about their personal experiences with a local periodontist is also a great way for obtaining info on one. This is probably one of the best methods since they can tell you hands-on experience about it. And you know the recommendation is coming from someone you already trust. Clearly the words ‘seek and you shall find’ have never been more real than today. All you have to do is know exactly where to look in order to find the right dentist for you.