If you were to compare the average pay of a dentist to a dental surgeon, you would be surprised to know it’s quite a sizeable difference. Given that they both work in the dental field, that realization can be a little confusing. However, did you know that there are many differences between a dentist and a dental surgeon? Check them out below.


One of the primary reasons why a dental surgeon’s pay packet is remarkably fatter than a dentist’s is because of the difference in duties. Dentists will monitor your dental health, perform check-ups, look for signs of decay and other oral conditions, and carry out minor procedures such as straightforward extractions and fillings. They also offer education and advice on how to care for your teeth.

A dental surgeon, however, cares for patients with oral deformities and specialist-related conditions. They perform surgery to correct sometimes-complex issues too.

Daily Jobs

Even the everyday jobs that a dentist and dental surgeon will carry out are different. A dentist will talk to patients about their oral health, fix cavities, order dentures, take x-rays, and prescribe medication. A dental surgeon will review dental records, diagnose conditions, perform surgery, extract teeth, and prescribe medication.


A dentist needs a Doctor of Dentistry Degree and a practicing license, while a dental surgeon has to have a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree and a specialty license. Both can take several years to get, involving a significant amount of study, preparation, and money.

Even though both career options have dentist and dental in their names, that doesn’t mean a dentist and dental surgeon do the same thing. Both may be in the same oral healthcare field, but their roles are significantly different. In fact, the differences may just surprise you.